All healthcare workers to receive bonus of at least 200 euros

All healthcare workers to receive bonus of at least 200 euros

The cabinet would like to see all healthcare workers in the Netherlands rewarded for the work they’ve done throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, all workers in the healthcare sector will receive a one-off bonus of between 200 and 240 euros. 

Bonus for all healthcare workers in the Netherlands

Last year, the Dutch government arranged a one-off bonus of 1.000 euros for all frontline workers, but would now rather see all healthcare workers recognised and rewarded for their work. Instead of only frontline workers receiving a bonus of 500 euros, the cabinet has decided all workers will receive a net amount of between 200 and 240 euros.

Alongside doctors and nurses, cleaners, freelance and temporary workers, midwives and physiotherapists will be eligible for the so-called care bonus as well. There is, however, an income limit: anyone earning over twice the average wage will not be eligible. The cabinet has put aside a total of 720 million euros to cover the costs of bonuses.

De Jonge defends income threshold

Health Minister Hugo de Jonge and Minister for Medical Care Tamara van Ark announced the news in the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer), defending their decision to reward all workers in the sector and set a relatively high income threshold. 

ChristenUnie had suggested lowering the threshold to 1,5 times the average wage, but De Jonge disagreed: “The unity in which all healthcare professionals work hard within the sector requires mutual solidarity. This means that I let a broader group enjoy a limited bonus.”

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