Alarming: majority of Dutch people would not resuscitate a stranger

Alarming: majority of Dutch people would not resuscitate a stranger

According to the Heart Foundation, 35 people die every day outside of a hospital due to heart failure. The chance of survival increases by 50 percent if resuscitation starts within six minutes of cardiac arrest. However, few Dutch people without first aid training would resuscitate a stranger.

Resuscitation in the Netherlands

According to a study by Kantar Public, commissioned by CZ, a Dutch health insurer, and the Red Cross, of the Dutch people who are not trained in first aid, less than a third are prepared to resuscitate someone using an automated external defibrillator (AED). Of those who do have experience with first aid, 75 percent would resuscitate someone using the device.

The Red Cross is alarmed by the results of the report and calls for all Dutch people to use an AED in the case of resuscitation. The head of first aid from the Red Cross, Eline Nijhof, stated that the use of an AED is vital when combined with resuscitation, and anyone can use one as it tells you exactly what you have to do. You can also call the emergency number and you will be guided through the resuscitation process.

Dutch first aid training 

Based on the Kantar Public study, only 42 percent of Dutch people without first aid training would resuscitate a stranger, meaning that the majority is not prepared to do so. When it comes to resuscitating a stranger, a great majority of those with first aid training would do so, namely 97 percent.

The difference between these figures is astounding and because of this, the Red Cross wants to persuade people to take a first aid course.



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