Access all of Amsterdam's free wi-fi with one app!

Access all of Amsterdam's free wi-fi with one app!

A new wi-fi app called Instabridge is being launched in Amsterdam this month.

Overhauling wi-fi usage

This free app lets users locate and automatically connect to free wi-fi networks in the city, without having to tap in passwords, or check "approval" boxes.

Instabridge is currently set to make use of around 300 individual hotspots across Amsterdam. These include many free wi-fi services provided by bars, restaurants and concert halls.

As well as saving users money on mobile data, this app also aims to help preserve phone battery for longer.

It will be available to all phone users in the Randstad region.

The company behind it

The company launching this app is a small start-up from Stockholm. Instabridge was crowned winner of the Best International Start-Up prize at this year's LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco.

One of the company's studies revealed that 80% of phone users prefer to use wi-fi, as opposed to data included in their contract. 

Accordingly, Instabridge CEO, Niklas Agevik, notes that, "finding and using quality wi-fi networks is becoming more and more important... Our goal is to get people connected to quality wi-fi networks more easily and more often."

If their Amsterdam project is successful, the company is hoping to pair up with other cities and Telco companies across the world.

Source: The Daily Dot

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