ABN AMRO: How to be well-insured in the Netherlands

ABN AMRO: How to be well-insured in the Netherlands


Did you know the average person in the Netherlands has eight different insurance policies? This make the Dutch some of the most insured people in the world!

Being insured in the Netherlands is not only relatively cheap, it's also considered common sense as Dutch people want to be well-protected against a wide variety of situations. As an expat living in the Netherlands it's important to take out insurance as it can protect you from unexpected and sometimes very high costs.

Why the Dutch find insurance essential

"Suppose a faulty washing machine floods our (or our downstairs neighbours’) apartment. Or we accidently spill coffee over a tablet - either our own or somebody else’s. Or imagine our child scratches the neighbours’ car, our home is burgled or we hit someone with our car or bicycle."

Accidents do happen and it’s best to avoid unpleasant surprises. With the right insurance none of these situations need be a problem.

How to be well-insured

So how can you be well-insured in the Netherlands? ABN AMRO advises: "Do it like the Dutch!"

Dutch people may have a lot of insurance policies, but it's relatively cheap in the Netherlands, and in some instances it’s compulsory. With the same coverage as the locals you can rest easy as you'll be protected from any unexpected or costly situations.

Insurance types in the Netherlands

Besides compulsory health insurance, here are the most common insurance types in the Netherlands:
Building insurance (for owners)
Liability insurance
Car insurance (compulsory for owners)
Home contents insurance
Legal insurance
Travel insurance

Insurance types like liability and home contents are considered essential and are not expensive. Good liability insurance, for example, costs only a few euros a month, and full home contents insurance is around 10 euros a month. So for a small sum you can insure yourself against pontentially sky-high costs.

What insurance do you need? Visit ABN AMRO How to be well-insured to learn more and easily take out policies for yourself.

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An example of good insurance coverage

Karin (42) and Michel (44) de Vries and their two sons have several different kinds of insurance with ABN AMRO to cover their property and lifestyle: "We are well insured and that gives us peace of mind."

"Our boys are always playing football and have been known to occasionally break a window. Fortunately, we have good liability insurance. And of course we also have home contents insurance. If there’s a burglary, fire, storm or water damage, for example, then we’re covered.

Our car is only a year old and is covered by all-risk insurance. So whatever damage might happen, we won’t have any hassle. Every summer we take the kids to France for three weeks and in the winter we go skiing in Austria. Our multi-trip travel insurance is ideal for this and also covers our weekends away.

We also have insurance for legal expenses in case we we get into a dispute with our employers or neighbours, and naturally we also have health insurance - but everyone must have that."

Insurance costs for a family of four

Insurance type Monthly premium
Home and contents 15,00
Legal expenses 17,50
Liability 5,00
Multi-trip travel 15,00
All-risk car coverage 65,00
Total 117,50*

*Excluding mandatory health insurance

Free consultation

Want to find out what your monthly premiums would be for a range of different insurances?

Sign up for a free consultation with one of ABN AMRO's insurance experts who will gladly advise you (in English, of course) on the best insurances for your personal situation.

More information

To learn more about insurance with ABN AMRO:
Visit ABN AMRO's page on insurance coverage.
Call 0900 8170 (usual call charges apply) or
+31 10 241 1723 from outside the Netherlands.



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