ABN AMRO expat lunch: participate and receive a 50 euro voucher

ABN AMRO expat lunch: participate and receive a 50 euro voucher

Do you come from France, Italy, Spain or the UK? Did you move to the Netherlands recently (no more than 1 year ago)?

To further improve their services, ABN AMRO would like to talk to you about your journey for information and experience in the Netherlands so far.

Why did you come here? Where did you search for, and find, the information that you needed? What do you think of the Netherlands? What is your opinion of the financial services here?

To answer these questions, ABN AMRO invites you to lunch and offering a gift voucher of 50 euros to all participants!

How to join

If you want to join other expats and share your experiences with ABN AMRO staff, fill in the form on the right column and if you are chosen, a representative will be in contact with you shortly with more information.


 Dates: February 14 & 21
 Time: 12-2pm
 Location: Dialogue House (situated in the ABN AMRO building)
 Address: Foppingadreef 22, Amsterdam South East
 Parking: free
 Your travel expenses will be reimbursed

ABN AMRO is looking forward to talking to you!

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