70 percent of expats are positive about the Dutch government's approach to the coronavirus crisis

70 percent of expats are positive about the Dutch government's approach to the coronavirus crisis

Internationals and expats in the Netherlands have responded to a survey conducted by DutchNews and the results are mostly positive.

General positivity but lots of concern about masks and testing

Out of the approximately 3.400 people who took part in the survey, seven in 10 have confidence in the Dutch government’s coronavirus strategy, however, many people find many things questionable, such as the government’s approach to masks and testing.

57 percent of international workers give the Dutch government a confidence rating of eight out of 10, while 7 percent of people had little or no confidence in the cabinet’s approach to the crisis.

survey results expats confidence in Dutch governments handling of corona

Expats compare Dutch cabinet approach to their home countries

75 percent felt that their home countries were doing a better job than the Netherlands in dealing with the pandemic. The survey asked readers what they would do if they were in the shoes of the Dutch cabinet and 73 percent said they would make masks compulsory on public transport and in shops and 45 percent would make the wearing of masks compulsory in all public locations.

survey dutch prime minister measures

Although 18 percent would make the borders open to international non-essential travel, 39 percent said they would not open the borders, even if it would prevent them from visiting loved ones in other countries.

In terms of being worried about their income, there was a varied response, with 24 percent reporting to be very worried and only 14 percent claiming not to be worried at all.

survey income worries

Increased community spirit

Community spirit is strong amongst international workers during the COVID-19 times, as reflected in the survey results. 55 percent of people supported local hospitality establishments by ordering takeaway food.

Three in 10 people have checked on a vulnerable neighbour and one in five have established contact with neighbours that they had never spoken to before the coronavirus hit the Netherlands. 23 percent have donated to charity and 17 percent are newly learning Dutch.

The government tracking app that is being developed for use on mobile phones was perceived as favourable by 54 percent of respondents. Meanwhile, 11 percent said they would not be in favour of using a tracking app under any circumstances.

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