5 Amsterdam burgers you've got to try

If you’re a foodie living in Amsterdam, then you’re oh-so-lucky, because this city is flooded with amazing cafes and restaurants. Better yet, it’s got a great selection of burger joints! 

The American-Dutch Connection

The Dutch have taken well to American culture and with good reason. Amsterdam is now home to many American expats. Likewise, many young Dutch have American sitcoms to thank for their impeccable English. American diners like the Hard Rock Café filtered through years ago and people just knew, it was love.

Now, eating a burger a day will definitely not keep the doctor away! But once in a while, it’s hard to resist that craving when you know, all that can satisfy you, is a juicy ol’ burger. 

There are great places plotted all over the city, including great chains like The Butcher, but if you’re looking for atmosphere and something a little authentic, then here’s our top five selection, and we’ve even included a vegetarian option. 

5 burgers you’ve got to try

Here’s a list of five burgers you’ve got to try and why:

› H. Burger

De Clercqstraat 128H 1052 NP 
H. Burger is a new burger place in the West. It only opened in December 2016 but since then, it’s been luring people in, essentially because they offer all the classics along with milkshakes and fries. They even offer chicken wings!

But what’s special about this place is that it not only does a classic burger REALLY well but they add their own home-made sauces which have a subtle hint of something you’d never think to put on a burger, but what actually gives it its signature taste! They also do a remarkable black bean burger for those looking for a veg option.

The team at H. Burger are really friendly, always smiling and open to suggestions for their menu. They truly enhance the overall experience and sometimes even sit down beside you to have a good chat about life.

If you’re a fan of the popular INnOUT burger in the States, then I’d say these burgers come quite close. Some might say, they even have a secret menu.

The Rotisserie

Beukenplein 17 1092 BA 
De Clercqstraat 81H 1053 AG

Get the TURBO FRIES. I know, this is about burgers, but I have acquired an unhealthy addiction to The Rotisserie’s insanely good Turbo Fries. What makes them so special? Well, besides the chilli and peanuts sprinkled on top, they come with a secret surprise waiting deep down at the bottom of the bowl.

Now, back to burgers! Yes, we can confirm those are pretty gnarly too! Besides the classics, The Rotisserie also offers a burger of the month. Sometimes these are rather experimental- the last one I had was a sweet and sour chicken burger, which was definitely tasty, just a little out of the ordinary.

Generally, their normal double pattie burgers are the way to go, and you won’t be disappointed, especially if you get it with a side order of Turbo Fries. Do it!

› The Walter Woodbury Bar

Javastraat 42, 1094 HJ
For those of you who prefer to be the burger connoisseur then there’s The Walter Woodbury Bar. Its kitchen wooden interior almost tricks you into thinking it’s just for stylish old men with cigars, but the fact is, they offer great meat and grilled fish for their burgers. And they even have whisky sauce and sambal!

For those that don’t know, Walter Woodbury set out in 1851 at the age of 17 in search of Gold in Australia when he found Java! So that’s why the name is appropriate for this little spot in the East.

With good quality meat and a chef that knows how to treat it, these burgers leave a nostalgic mark on your palate.

› Smokin’ Barrels

Beukenplein 22, 1091 KH 
It’s a rad name for a burger restaurant and what’s great is it lives up to its title! That’s right, your pattie will be cooked on one smoking hot barrel, and then served with a side of Flemish fries and a salad. You also have the choice of a brioche or a sourdough bun.

Smokin' Barrels' selection of sides is immense. They offer the whole shebang from various nacho styles to onion rings, to your stereotypical Dutch bitterballen and kaas.

What blew me away about this place though was their Surf and Turf Lobster burger range! A big fat lobster right there, staring you in the face. They might be using the "shock effect" but heck, it worked. It’s got its unique edge. We like it.

› Meatless District

Bilderdijkstraat 65-67
Sometimes you just crave a mouth-watering burger, but then you remember that the cattle industry is a reasonably large cause of this planet's destruction and if we could all just find a stunningly satisfying substitute, the world would be a better place.  

That’s why places like Meatless District are a blessing. They come with a burger packed menu that is guilt-free and still, very juicy!

Their speciality, the MD Burger is a great choice. In fact, it's sooo good, you’ll never look back.

This list if far from complete, so we want to hear from you! What burger really tickled your taste buds? Let us know in the comments below.

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