4.000 Staatsexamen tests postponed due to social media leaks

4.000 Staatsexamen tests postponed due to social media leaks

As of Wednesday, November 14, no one will be able to take the Staatsexamen NT2 until next year. This measure has been taken to prevent candidates from cheating on the Dutch as a second language exam, and it affects around 4.000 people.

Dutch tests leaked on social media

The Staatsexamen NT2 has been leaked on social media and is being circulated. Last month, Education Minister Van Engelshoven cancelled exams for the writing component of the NT2 programme I due to these leaks; however, it now appears that the leaks also comprise material and answers from every exam component for programme I as well as programme II.

According to Van Engelshoven, a candidate privy to this insider information could easily pass the majority of the test. Van Engelshoven also expresses that the situation cannot continue as it threatens to render the Dutch diploma worthless.

New exams for newcomers

Previously, exam questions were reused after exams and could therefore not be made public. Unfortunately, these questions have been made public. Because of this, a new exam system will be used in 2019.

From 2019, exams will consist of new questions and the number of test dates will be reduced. Next month, candidates will be informed of the new procedure for their exams. Those who need the NT2 diploma to complete the integration process (inburgering) will have their deadline extended accordingly.

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