4 proven methods to save money on your health insurance in 2022

4 proven methods to save money on your health insurance in 2022

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The average health insurance plan will become 48 euros more expensive in 2022. That may not sound very significant, but this simply is not the whole story. According to Zorgwijzer, there is a mind-blowing 536 euros price difference between the cheapest and most expensive basic plan. Therefore, switching your current plan to another may be more appealing than ever.

Perhaps you have no idea where to begin on your search for cheaper and better insurance? Don't worry - we have selected the four powerful methods to help you save on your health insurance in 2022.

1. Increase your deductible (eigen risico)

The first tip we have is straightforward and very effective: by increasing your deductible excess to 885 euros per year, you will save up to 300 euros per year on your insurance premium, which is serious money.

But despite the potential savings, most people tend not to do this, because of our natural aversion to taking risks. But the actual risk you are taking is not that big. Using this method will remain beneficial as long as you stay below 685 euros. So, in essence, your maximum financial risk will only be around 200 euros on a yearly basis.

Be sure to list down what costs you expect for next year, Going over 685 euros will only happen if you need expensive medication, chronic physiotherapy, ambulance transport or expensive hospital treatment. If any of this is the case, avoid choosing a higher deductible.

2. Don’t fall for collective discounts

Do you currently have a collective health insurance through your employer? Chances are you are paying too much. Why, you wonder? Koen Kuijper, spokesman at Zorgwijzer, explains: “We see countless examples in which collectively insured people pay an unnecessarily high premium. It’s mainly because their needs are not aligned with what they have as an insurance. In other words, a waste of money.”

Collective plans are essentially expensive insurances with an employer discount. They may sound appealing, but your discount is simply financed from your own money. The Dutch Health Authority (NZa) also shows statistics indicating a price disadvantage for collective insurance plans. “Definitely consider comparing health insurance plans if you are currently on a collective insurance scheme," Kuijper concludes.

3. Do a separate comparison for your family

Another thing most people forget to do is to make a separate insurance comparison for themselves and their partner. “Most people think it is better to be insured with the same insurance company as their partner, but this is simply not true. You and your partner will likely have different healthcare needs. Hence, it is worthwhile to make two separate comparisons," Kuijper explains.

Good to know when you have children:

  • Children below 18 are co-insured for free and don’t pay a deductible
  • Children are insured for most dental treatments
  • Co-insured children can use the coverage that is part of their parent’s package

4. Pay your premium per year

The final thing you can do to save on your health insurance is to pay per year instead of per month. This often results in a one or two percent discount. For example: a family of two is insured with CZ and jointly pay approximately 300 euros a month for their basic and supplemental health insurance premium. Paying the total premium upfront for a year will result in a 72 euros discount. Not bad right?

But wait, do I even need Dutch health insurance?

Sometimes, you are not obligated to get Dutch health insurance. This is the case when:

  • You are here for study purposes only
  • You are working for an employer outside of the Netherlands
  • You are paying income tax in another country

If you are unsure about your insurance status, contact on 0800 - 64 64 644 to ask for help. Once you know if you are eligible, you can use Zorgwijzer’s English comparison tool to find a cheap and good plan for your situation.

Bart  Koenraadt


Bart Koenraadt

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