30% ruling: Give your opinion

30% ruling: Give your opinion

30% ruling: Give your opinion

Highly skilled migrants working in the Netherlands may be eligible for the 30% ruling, which is a tax advantage. It allows employers to offer 30% of an employee’s salary to them tax-free, meaning that they only pay taxes over 70% of their gross salary.

Shortening the 30% ruling

With the recent news that the 30% ruling will be shortened per January 1, 2019, many expats are uncertain about their futures and how the changes to the tax break will affect them financially.

Have your say

Media partners of IamExpat, ICAP have set up a survey to gather information about the affects of the shortening of the 30% ruling. The results of the survey will be presented to MPs on the parliamentary finance committee before their meeting about the 30% ruling plans on May 29.

If you have benefited, or are currently benefiting from the 30% ruling, please fill out the survey and have your say. The survey will close on May 25. 



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