20th Anniversary of 112

Press release
February 11, 2011 marks the European 112 Day and the 20th anniversary of the decision to create the European emergency number 112. This number is common to all 27 countries of the European Union and is used to contact emergency services free of charge.

While there are dozens of emergency numbers in the European Union, 112 is the only emergency number that can be used to reach emergency services (ambulance, fire-fighters and police) in any EU country. Unfortunately, 20 years after its creation, still 3 out of 4 Europeans are not aware of the availability of 112 as the European emergency number.

"112 is a service for all European citizens: it is really a pity that they are not aware about it. All together, we have to succeed in making this number known by every European citizen" commented Emmanuel Paul, president of the 112 Foundation, a Brussels-based foundation dedicated to the promotion of the European emergency number.

On the occasion of the European 112 Day and the 20th anniversary of the decision to create the 112 number, European countries are organising several actions to promote the 112 number. In some European cities, "112 human chains" will be formed while in others, famous monuments will be decorated.

More information about 112 can be found here.



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