2020 the hottest year in the Netherlands since records began

2020 the hottest year in the Netherlands since records began

Meteorologists at Weeronline have confirmed what many people may already have suspected - 2020 has so far been the hottest year the Netherlands has experienced since records began in 1901!

The hottest year in the Netherlands

The average temperature in De Bilt (a town near Utrecht) this year is 12,7 degrees, over a degree higher than the typical average temperature of 11,1 degrees. However, temperatures to vary wildly in different parts of the country. 

In southern parts of the country, such as Maastricht and Eindhoven, 2020’s average temperature has been even higher. However, in the north in cities like Groningen, the average annual temperature has not broken records. 

In 2007, the average temperature between January 1 and September 19 was also 12,7 degrees. However, taking a closer look at the exact temperature (i.e. the figures behind the decimal point) 2020 narrowly beats 2007 and is thus the warmest year to date. In addition to 2007, the warmest years so far have been 2014 (12,6 degrees), 2018 (12,4 degrees), and 2019 (12,2 degrees). 

This is not the only weather record broken by 2020. So far this year, meteorologists in De Bilt have counted 104 warm days (temperatures of 20 degrees and above), which is 19 more than normal. 

A sunny 2020 

This year has also been exceptionally sunny. Already by September 7, we have clocked in more hours of sunshine than we would typically see in an entire year. The sun usually shines an average of 1.639 hours per year, but by September 18 of this year, 1.723 hours had already been recorded.

2020 is currently the second sunniest year in history, running only a little behind the record holder 2003. Some way behind, in third place, is 2018. 

If the rest of the year experiences only an average amount of sunshine, then 2020 will reach 1.975 hours in total and will secure its place in the top three sunniest years in the Netherlands. To take the top spot, it will have to beat 2003’s record of almost 2.100 hours. 

September weather in the Netherlands

So far, September has been unprecedentedly warm, with September 15 marking the hottest ever September temperature in the Netherlands - 35,1 degrees was recorded near Tilburg and Breda. The sun will continue to shine on Tuesday, with temperatures potentially reaching 26 degrees in the centre and south of the country. 

From Wednesday, however, the weather will turn as autumn officially arrives - the temperature will drop to around 15 degrees and the chance of rain increases. So grab your raincoat and umbrella, as it would seem summer is officially over. 

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