2019 Dutch health insurance premiums announced

2019 Dutch health insurance premiums announced

What a surprise, the premiums for Dutch health insurance policies will be increasing the coming year. Shopping around for a different policy in 2019 may therefore pay off, as health insurers vary greatly in how much they are offering their basic packages for next year.

Increasing health insurance premiums

On Prince’s Day, the 2019 Dutch governmental budget was announced. From this, one expected health insurance premiums to increase by 10 euros a month. The 2019 health insurance premiums, as decided on by the health insurers, have now been announced and show a smaller increase in premiums than expected.

According to research institute MoneyView, in 2019, premiums will increase by 5,7 percent on average, which equates to 76 euros per year or 6,33 euros per month.  Of the four largest insurers, two have announced increases of more than 6,33 euros per month and two have disclosed premiums that are much less than this figure.

Zilveren Kruis (Achmea) and CZ have both communicated increases in premiums higher than that of the average increase, namely 7,50 and 8,55 euros per month respectively. VGZ and Menzis on the other hand, are only increasing their premiums by 4,75 and 3 euros per month respectively.

The most expensive Dutch health insurance packages

A few health insurance premiums are increasing dramatically, such as the reimbursement policy of ONVZ, which, at 129,98 euros per month with the standard group discount, constitutes the most expensive basic health insurance package in the country. Without the group discount, the premium would be 134 euros per month.

Those with a reimbursement policy at PNOzorg and VvAA can also expect to pay around 130 euros per month for a basic health insurance package. Although most insurers increased their premiums and not one lowered them, two insurers did decide to keep their premiums the same as in 2018. These insurers are Besured and Promovendum.

Shop around for the best deal

Make sure you take a look at what your insurer is offering your basic package for now and whether you can get it anywhere else cheaper or with additional services. You have until December 31 to find another insurer and switch. Sites like Zorgwijzer or Independer can help you compare packages from different insurers.

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