In 2013 NS will shift schedules, open new stations, and add more trains

From December 9 onwards, the Dutch rail service NS will enact its 2013 Timetable, which includes changes to 30 percent of departure times, several new stations, and more services in general.

Next year more trains will ride on four different routes, between Zwolle and Lelystad (AKA the Hanzelijn, where there are currently no trains), Eindhoven and Sittard, Groningen and Zwolle, and Amersfoort and Hengelo.

The biggest change is with the new Hanzelijn service, which will include two intercity's and two sprinters running between Lelystad and Zwolle, and should cut back on travel times for those headed to and from the north by up to 15 minutes.

Nine new stations are also being opened from the end of the year: Almere Poort, Groningen Europapark, Halfweg-Zwanenburg, Hengelo Gezondheidspark, Utrecht Leidsche Rijn, Hoevelaken, Maastricht Noord, Dronten and Kampen Zuid.

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Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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