2 metre-long super venomous Green Mamba snake on the loose in Tilburg

2 metre-long super venomous Green Mamba snake on the loose in Tilburg

A Green Mamba snake has been slithering its way around the Dutch city of Tilburg since its owner discovered it was missing on Monday. The authorities are warning people to look out for the bright green snake - which is highly venomous - while specialists continue to search for the animal near where it was last seen. 

Green Mamba snake escaped a home on Goudenregenstraat

The snake is said to have escaped from a home on Goudenregenstraat in Tilburg, where it was being kept as a pet. The animal, though beautifully coloured and truly eye-catching, is highly venomous and bites have been known to kill humans in as little as 30 minutes. 

Common symptoms if bitten by a Green Mamba include pain and swelling at the site of the bite, which can then develop into serious symptoms such as necrosis, ataxia, drowsiness, dizziness, hypotension, difficulty breathing, vertigo, and paralysis. That’s why authorities are stressing the need to stay on alert for the snake, if travelling through or living in the nearby area.

Green Mamba snakes are known to hide in warm dark places

Generally, Green Mamba snakes are not content in the outdoor climate of a country such as the Netherlands during autumn, since the weather is simply too cold. A native of South Africa, the Green Mamba snake prefers to spend time in places that are warm and dark. 

In a statement issued by the police, the authorities did reassure the public that the Green Mamba, though highly venomous, is unlikely to be confrontational with humans, especially if it is in a warm, comfortable environment. “He likes dark and warm spaces. If he finds that, he will be very passive,” the statement said.

If you happen to spot the snake, make sure to keep your distance and contact the police. If bitten, wounded people should contact the emergency services as soon as possible to ensure fast and effective treatment against any bites.

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