15.000 fines handed out since March for coronavirus-rules violations

15.000 fines handed out since March for coronavirus-rules violations

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) has handed out 15.530 fines since mid-March for violations of the coronavirus measures put in place by the Dutch government.

390-euro fine

Up until Monday, June 29, there were a total of 22.820 official reports by police of violations of the regional emergency regulations in place to battle the coronavirus pandemic. Following assessment by the OM, 15.530 fines were issued, mostly in response to people failing to maintain 1,5-metre distance. 

Fines cost 390 euros for adults breaking coronavirus rules. For young people, however, a warning is issued, and alternative punishment is arranged where possible. If the minor fails to comply, they are issued a 95-euro fine. Up until the end of June, 3.014 incidents resulted in a failure to comply, and the minor was fined. 

Coronavirus crimes

Between March and the end of June, the OM also handled 294 coronavirus-related crimes. These crimes include members of the public claiming to be infected with the virus, and coughing or spitting at police officers or other people in a public role. 

Of the 294 criminal cases, 161 were threats, and only 30 involved the use of violence. 23 cases involved a shoplifting suspect coughing or spitting at officers or shop staff. 

220 suspects had to appear in court before a judge, 11 have been fined or sentenced to community service, and 34 cases have been dropped due to a lack of evidence. A decision is yet to made on the remaining cases.

94 of these crimes were targeted at police officers, and the victims in nine cases were personnel on public transport. 55 cases were targeted at other professions, such as employees in the healthcare sector or an extraordinary investigative officer (boa). 

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