110km / h winds headed for the Netherlands as Storm Isha rolls in

110km / h winds headed for the Netherlands as Storm Isha rolls in

The Netherlands could be in for a windy ride in the coming days as Storm Isha is set to move from the United Kingdom across the sea to the Netherlands. The storm could bring strong winds of up to 110 kilometres per hour from Sunday evening through to Tuesday. 

As cold weather leaves, strong winds arrive

As the cold weather we have seen for the last few weeks leaves, the weather is set to turn to yet another extreme - a named storm. The storm, named Isha, is set to hit the United Kingdom first before moving across to the Netherlands, bringing strong winds in tow. 

The storm has been named by the British Met Office, a weather agency based in the UK that works closely with the Dutch Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI). Storm Isha, beginning with the letter I, signifies that this is the ninth storm of the 2023 / 24 European wind storm season. 

Winds begin to pick up in the Netherlands throughout the weekend

Though the storm is not likely to rip through the Netherlands with the same force that the UK could see it, the wind in the Netherlands has already started to pick up. Magdel Erasmus of Buienradar told RTL Nieuws that the coming days could see especially strong winds in coastal areas. 

"It's going to be stormy," Erasmus told RTL. "We can achieve wind force 8 on the coast on Sunday." It will be a little calmer on Monday with wind force 7, but on Tuesday it may become wind force 8 again. The country will also face plenty of rain as the storm passes by: "The most rain will come during the night to Monday," says Erasmus. “It will be quieter by Thursday."

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