10 years of The Hague International Centre

10 years of The Hague International Centre


The Hague International Centre is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this November.

Unfortunately, carrying out the celebrations in the way that they had planned will not be possible due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, The Hague International Centre still wants to show their appreciation for the support they have received through the years, and that is why they will move their celebration online! 

Bringing their 10-year anniversary celebration online

From November 23-27, The Hague International Centre will celebrate with their partners and people who are key to the setup and development of this important centre, sharing stories about the centre through their website and social media channels. And they invite you to celebrate with them! 

10 years of The Hague International Centre

November 29, 2010, saw the launch of The Hague International Centre. This was a big milestone as the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) desk was incorporated into the centre, helping to streamline their processes to facilitate a smooth registration for expats and internationals.

As international organisations continued to expand, and the number of international residents continued to grow beyond the municipality of The Hague, they saw the opportunity to extend their services to neighbouring municipalities in The Hague Region. The municipality of Delft and Leidschendam-Voorburg, Rijswijk, and Wassenaar started to employ their services in 2013, 2014, and 2016, respectively.


With the neighbouring municipalities in their portfolio, they saw the need to operate under different branding and received permission from the municipality of The Hague to do so. Thus in 2018, their visual online presence as it appears to this day was launched, together with a new website, online registration tool and social media channels.

Riding on this momentum, The Hague International Centre launched its partnership programme and CONNECT events in 2019, and created a welcome guide filled with essential information for newcomers in the region. Last year, they achieved a record of almost 5.000 registrations of internationals in the region.

The community is still growing despite the coronavirus crisis – if perhaps at a slower rate – and they continue to inform and engage them through their events, webinars, newsletter and social media channels.

10 years - a reason to celebrate in 2020

2020 changed the plans of many. Though The Hague International Centre cannot celebrate their success the way that they had originally planned, they are certainly thankful for all the support they have received. the-hague-international-centre-10-years-logo.png



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