The 10 most popular articles on IamExpat in 2019

The 10 most popular articles on IamExpat in 2019

We have been busy little bees this year, bringing you the not only popular news stories, but also articles to help you out in all aspects of expat life. So which articles did you like the best? We won’t keep you waiting, so here are IamExpat’s top 10 most popular articles of 2019!

1. 12 best Christmas markets in the Netherlands in 2019

You peeps must really love the combination of Christmas and shopping, as the most popular article this year involved both of those things. Most of these are over now, but we hope that if you visited one of these Christmas markets you had an awesome time!

2. 5 best Dutch films on Netflix (for learning Dutch!)

Like us, you all seem to be partial to an evening of Netflix-ing. And many of you have the ambition to learn Dutch too! It’s no wonder then that this article soared up to second place. Have you seen all these films yet? If not, you better get watching or tune in to some other films for the festive season.

3. To stay or not to stay in the Netherlands: that is the question

We’ve asked ourselves this difficult question too, and it looks like we are not the only ones struggling with it. Luckily, many of you were able to turn to this article for a bit of advice. Hopefully, it gave you a bit of perspective on this life-changing question.

4. The Netherlands bucket list: 10 things to do before you go

What are the 10 things you simply have to do before you go? And not those typical tourist activities like eating bitterballen. We showed you a different side of the Netherlands with this article, highlighting some of the more off-track spots, like the Veluwe, and activities like wadlopen.

5. The dark side of learning Dutch

Why do so few people really go for it when it comes to learning Dutch? Well, it seems there is a dark side. Learning Dutch is not all roses and unicorns, it means sacrifice, whether this be time, money or just the amount of effort you have to put in. Luckily, these disadvantages are short term.

6. 12 best vintage shops in Amsterdam

Let’s go shopping!!! We all love to shop, but buying new all the time is simply not good for the environment. Buying vintage is not only environmentally friendly, it is extremely hip too! You’ll find great one-of-a-kind items and help mother nature too – win-win, if you ask us. You seemed to agree, as this article made it to number six! Have you been to any of the vintage shops in Amsterdam that we mentioned?

7. 5 awesome tropical swimming pools in the Netherlands

When the winter comes around in the Netherlands, all you want to do is escape to somewhere tropical, even if just for the day, am I right? That’s where our tips for awesome tropical swimming pools in the Netherlands came in! Just talking about them is making us want to go to one now!

8. 2019 income requirements for highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands

At number eight, an extremely important issue for expats hired from abroad, namely the 30% ruling and its income requirements for 2019. It’s been a turbulent time when it comes to this ruling, with the government announcing plans to shorten it and expats becoming increasingly uncertain of their rights regarding this tax break.

9. 7 best theme parks in Europe

Looks like we have plenty of thrill-seekers in the house, with our article on theme parks reaching ninth place. Here we took a look at the theme parks you should definitely visit beyond Dutch borders. Of course, we included one amusement park in the Netherlands too!

10. Giethoorn: Venice of the Netherlands

The last on this list of the most popular articles on IamExpat in 2019 is our one about the hidden gem that is Giethoorn – the Venice of the Netherlands. Did you know that Giethoorn doesn’t have any roads? Well, apart from a bike path, that is. It is only accessible by boat, making it the perfect location for a summer outing!

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