10 Beautiful Photos of Amsterdam by Tim Collins

Tim Collins is an Amsterdam-based photographer from the UK, and covers themes such as urban photography, travel photography and music photography.

"In Amsterdam we don't have huge landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the Empire State building. Amsterdam is more subtle with more of a fairytale feel, but equally as beautiful as any city I've ever been to.

Without doubt one of the things that makes Amsterdam so special are its canals - the veins and arteries of the city! And it's amazing, because you can take a shot from exactly the same place at a different time of day, or during a different season and get a totally different picture. And that's great for people who like to photograph the city, because it changes not only by the season but even by the hour."

For more information and cool photos visit Tim’s websiteFacebook page and / or Meetup profile.

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Are you a professional photographer or a photography enthusiast? Do you want to share beautiful photos from the Netherlands? Let us know!

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