1 in 10 drivers on Dutch roads exceed legal speed limit

1 in 10 drivers on Dutch roads exceed legal speed limit

Traffic checks carried out by the Dutch police in the central region of the Netherlands have revealed that almost one in 10 motorists on Dutch roads drive over the speed limit

Dutch police record 2.842 speeding offences in six days

Between August 7 and 13, police forces carried out a total of 59 traffic checks using radar and laser equipment and cameras, monitoring over 30.000 cars. Over the course of the six-day period, 2.842 drivers were issued fines for exceeding the legal speed limit. 

This means that almost one in 10 motorists were found to be driving too fast. Of the almost 3.000 drivers who were stopped by police, 44 of them were driving at such fast speeds (i.e. over 50 kilometres per hour above the speed limit) that they were required to forfeit their driving licence.

Roadpol monitoring traffic offences and road safety in Europe

August’s traffic checks were part of a Europe-wide campaign managed by the European Roads Policing Network, Roadpol. Similar operations were carried out across the continent in the spring of this year when, in the province of North Holland, police recorded 1.643 speeding offences in the span of just one week.

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