Unemployment benefit in the Netherlands: Procedure

Unemployment benefit in the Netherlands: Procedure

If the first day of unemployment is known, you can apply online by visiting For the application, you will need your DigiD code as well as your BSN. A complete guide with all the steps you need to follow in order to apply online can be found at your local office. Note that although both the website and application form are in Dutch, employees may assist expats in many languages including English.

Within a few days after your application, you will receive a call from the Institute for Employee Benefit Schemes (UWV) to arrange an appointment with a job advisor assigned by the local employment office.

In addition, a letter is sent to the applicant's home address enclosing an application form (Wijzigingsformulier WW). In that way, you can resend the application if some of the information has changed and / or is incorrect.

The applicant should also send:

A notification for this procedure is to be expected.

Four weeks after the online application for the WW benefit, UWV will confirm their decision via mail. The WW subsidy will start on your first day of unemployment. Receiving an advanced payment if UVW cannot consider the unemployment benefit request within those four weeks is also possible.

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