Unemployment benefit in the Netherlands: FAQ

Unemployment benefit in the Netherlands: FAQ

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the unemployment benefit in the Netherlands.

Does the unemployment benefit apply only to full unemployment?

No. WW applies to part and full unemployment. For more information please advice your local UWV Werkbedrijf office.

Are expats entitled to the same benefits as Dutch citizens?

Yes, as long as you have all the necessary documents, meet the requirements and follow the procedure.

When should I apply for the unemployment benefit?

Apply as soon as possible. Ideally, the registration with UWV WERKberdift should be done the first day of your unemployment and the application for the benefit (WW uitkering) within the first week.

Can I use my driving licence?

No, you cannot use your driving licence. You should present your ID or passport.

I can apply only if I have been made redundant?

Yes, if you have resigned you are not eligible for the unemployment benefit.

The same applies to all job categories?

No. For example, for film employees, artists and musicians different rules apply.

Am I entitled to the unemployment benefit if I own a yacht or a penthouse?

Yes. Unemployment benefit is not affected by your personal assets.

Can I start my own company while receiving the unemployment benefit?

Yes, you can start your own company but only for a period of six months. During this period, 70 percent of your earnings will be deducted from the WW benefit.

Will I receive the WW benefit if I relocate?

Yes, but under specific conditions. If you are looking for a job, you should relocate to an EU / EEA country (or Switzerland) and for a period of three months. If you are travelling, this period is reduced to 20 days.

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