Zein Summer Holiday Camps: An unforgettable experience

Zein Summer Holiday Camps: An unforgettable experience


For over 10 years, Zein International Childcare has been running its famous Holiday Activity Day Camps, every week, all summer long, for international and Dutch children.

Over time, Zein has developed - and constantly improved - an approach which provides all children, from 4 to 12 years old, with a great holiday experience. This year they will run from July 2 to September 3. Time to find out what truly is the key to their successful camps.

Working families can claim part of the costs for the holiday camps back.

An experience to remember! 

Thanos Papanastasiou, Pedagogic Manager Out of School Care at Zein International Childcare: “For our Holiday Camps we have developed a unique programme that puts great emphasis on two decisive factors.

First, the fun factor. The camps should be fun in the first place and children should have the feeling they are joining a wonderful adventure!

Secondly, our professional and caring teachers make sure individual attention is given to each child to make them feel welcome, heard and safe – ensuring a holiday camp experience to remember."

zein-holiday-camps.jpeg Something for everyone

There are 9 different camps to choose from at Zein! So whether your child’s a sports enthusiast, or someone who loves outdoor adventure, has an artistic mind or considers themselves a performer, they are sure to find a Holiday Camp that will suit them. All weekly programmes are complimented by two exciting field trips.  

English spoken day camps with an international approach

As the official childcare provider to international schools in The Hague, English is the main language spoken – but many of the professional and trained teachers and workshop instructors are international and speak multiple languages. And unlike other sports camps in the region, all Zein camps are fully registered with the Dutch authorities.


Multiple locations

This Summer, the camps will run from July 2 to September 3 on Monday – Friday from 08:00 – 18:30 across four locations in The Hague and surroundings – allowing each week to offer a variety of themes and field trips to choose from.

Families are free to select any of the "camp sites" and, because all locations are registered and fully licensed, working families can claim part of the costs for the camps back via the Dutch Childcare Allowance. Zein’s registration office will be happy to help you apply. 


Contact Zein

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Zein's friendly team on 070-3268263, send them an email or visit their website for more information. You can apply for a place at one of their camps by clicking the button below. 



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