Understanding the Dutch with Taalthuis’ new culture courses

Understanding the Dutch with Taalthuis’ new culture courses


Are you ready to master the Dutch language and also delve into the heart of Dutch culture? Taalthuis is excited to unveil their latest offering - dynamic and comprehensive self-study cultural courses.

Whether you are a beginner or just looking to enhance your current skills, Taalthuis offers a culture course at any level. These courses are crafted to make learning Dutch an engaging and enjoyable experience, shedding light on Dutch characteristics and providing you with valuable cultural knowledge.

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How do the courses work?

The culture courses at Taalthuis combine language learning with fun and interesting stories about the Netherlands. These courses provide cultural insights, which are crucial for enhancing your sense of belonging in the Netherlands.

Captivating stories and podcasts

Immerse yourself not just in the language but also in the culture with the Dutch Culture Course from Taalthuis. Each lesson provides a story to read and listen to as a podcast, offering both linguistic and cultural insights.

Apart from the Dutch stories at the level chosen, there are also stories in English with extensive background information. Explore Dutch cultural topics and gain insights into Dutch people's favourite conversation starter: the ever-changing weather. Further, you will uncover the nuances of Dutch directness, an essential aspect of understanding and assimilating into Dutch society.


Reinforce your cultural understanding through various exercises tailored to each proficiency level. From grammar practices to cultural insights, the culture courses at Taalthuis ensure that you're not just learning a language, but becoming a part of the cultural fabric.

Dutch grammar unravelled

The team from Taalthuis understands that grammar can be intimidating, but do not fear! Their self-study course breaks down Dutch grammar into digestible lessons, ensuring a solid foundation for your language journey.

Culinary adventures

Explore Dutch culture through its delectable cuisine! Their culture course includes authentic Dutch recipes, allowing you to savour the flavours - as well as the language - that make the Netherlands unique. Taste the flavours of the Netherlands while you learn, making your language and cultural journey even more enriching.

Playful learning with games

Reinforce your Dutch vocabulary with entertaining games that reinforce your memory of words from each lesson, along with other language-focused activities. At Taalthuis, learning becomes a joyous experience as you play your way to proficiency.

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Visit the Taalthuis website today and find the best Dutch course for you. If you have any questions, you can contact their team by emailing [email protected] or calling +31 23 305 0305. 



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