Here are 3 ways a comprehensive MBA program can elevate your career

Here are 3 ways a comprehensive MBA program can elevate your career


Find out how an MBA program at Nyenrode can boost your personal growth and transform your career

Companies of all sorts recognise that to survive and prosper in today’s uncertain and complex business environment, they will need employees with the leadership skills and organisational capabilities that can help them succeed in the future. MBA programs traditionally play a crucial role in matching global talent with opportunities to excel in business by offering a comprehensive study program that enables students to apply academic theory directly into real-life business challenges. 

How can an MBA program help advance your career?

According to Nyenrode Business University, here are three ways this comprehensive MBA approach can elevate your career: 

I. Put academic theory into real-life practice 

Case-based methods and experiential learning projects offer a unique opportunity to apply the academic business theory you learn in class to the real business world. Whether you will work on a human resources project for a consumer brand or a transformation in telecom, the emphasis will always be on finding out what works and what does not.

Learnings gained in class will give you the building blocks and theoretical frameworks that will allow you to organise your ideas, but you will learn how to implement those ideas if you go out and see how they can be applied in real life. Working alongside faculty and experienced business professionals will enable you to think cross-functionally and approach challenges from multiple perspectives. At Nyenrode, the trinity of academic theory, practical relevance, and leadership development form the cornerstones of each of their MBA programs.

II. Get schooled in the latest international business skills 

Many of the more traditional building blocks of business, such as finance and operations, have changed little over the last 20 years, while fields like marketing and supply chain have changed dramatically. Also, new subjects such as big data in business and sustainable business practices have become more and more important for managers to carry out. 

The MBA programs at Nyenrode aim to provide you with a strong foundation in business and management, but will also expose you to modern business practices. Whether you will work on innovative cloud solutions for a tech company or develop a marketing strategy for a social enterprise, you will gain new skills at the cutting edge of business trends. 

III. Build your network and meet potential employers 

The experiential way of learning combined with real-life projects for companies enable you to build professional relationships and to expand your network. They also help you to become accustomed to the sectors and working environments you are aspiring towards, and quickly understand the expectations of future employers. By interacting with business leaders and university alumni working in different sectors, you will take ownership of your career trajectory.

During your MBA program, a lot of attention is paid to your career advancement. At Nyenrode, you will learn about the ins and outs of the Dutch and international business community, while coaching by alumni will guide you through the process of getting ready for your next job. On top of this, Nyenrode encourages its students to connect with like-minded professionals during networking events, and to cooperate on business challenges during breakfast sessions and company projects. 

Discover the value of Nyenrode’s MBA programs 

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