Taalthuis: Feel at home through an in-company Dutch course

Taalthuis: Feel at home through an in-company Dutch course


Would you like to know why your Dutch colleagues congratulate you on your child's birthday? Do you want to speak to your Dutch colleagues about the wonderful Dutch weather? Language school Taalthuis is happy to come to your company’s office to give you Dutch lessons.

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Since 2016, Taalthuis has been welcoming expats in (virtual) classrooms. Taalthuis also currently teaches Dutch in a fun and interactive way to more than 60 companies. It is a pleasure for Taalthuis to explain to you why a Dutch course has many advantages for your company!

Get lessons in Dutch culture

Companies that have employees of many different nationalities face more than just a language barrier. Those who come to work in the Netherlands have to adapt not only to the rain and the Dutch language but also to Dutch habits and customs. In Taalthuis’ in-company courses, in addition to learning the language, you will learn a lot about Dutch culture.

So even if Dutch is not necessary for the office, a Dutch course can ensure that expat workers quickly feel more at home in the Netherlands. For these colleagues, it can be a great feeling not only to be able to express themselves in everyday situations but also to understand what their Dutch colleagues are talking about by the coffee machine.

Benefits of a Dutch course for your company

Your company will benefit in many ways by offering a Dutch course to your employees. After all, an employee who is happy and feels at home in the office, as well as in their community, is more productive and stays with you longer.

Taalthuis enjoys working with several, large companies in the Netherlands and is very proud to have provided 11 in-company courses for just a single, major financial institution in Amsterdam.

A learning and development specialist from the institution had this to say about the language school: “Taalthuis offers high-quality online Dutch classes which are perfect for those looking to improve their language skills. The teachers are knowledgeable and make sure the lessons are engaging, while the course materials are thorough and well-organised. Overall, I highly recommend Taalthuis for anyone looking to learn Dutch!”

Teaching materials are included

Taalthuis has its own teaching method up until the A2 level (Common European Framework) and teaches interactively in small groups, with an emphasis on speaking. Furthermore, the teaching method consists of textbooks with extensive manuals and an e-learning platform. Additionally, each lesson on the e-learning platform includes grammar to study, vocabulary, songs to listen to and additional exercises to do.

At the end of a full course, the participants take an exam. At 80% attendance, they receive a certificate of participation as well as an exam result.

Weekly reports

Taalthuis provides their companies and HR / training departments with a weekly report containing an overview of the topics covered in class and they also keep track of attendance. Interim and final evaluations are also included in the in-company package.

Get Taalthuis to teach at your company

If you can form a group of colleagues who wish to learn Dutch at the office or online, Taalthuis is happy to travel to your office or set up an online meeting every week. Their teachers will give Dutch lessons in a fun and interactive way.

So, if you want to improve communication on the work floor, have team building as a goal and want your employees to quickly feel at home in the Netherlands, Taalthuis is your partner for in-company Dutch courses! Pass the information on to your HR or Training department!

Contact Taalthuis

For more information about Dutch courses and the tailored-made in-company offers, contact the Taalthuis in-company team by calling +31 23 305 0305 or e-mailing



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