Short Courses at SAE Institute Amsterdam

Short Courses at SAE Institute Amsterdam

Do you have a passion for technology? Do "creativity" and "modern global media" get your heart thumping? Are you a fan of "learning by doing"?

Then SAE Amsterdam may just be your match!

SAE’s upcoming short courses

Practice is the quickest path to understanding, which is why SAE’s intensively hands-on courses focus on developing cutting-edge media skills through practical experience.

If your time is limited, check SAE’s extensive range of short courses in English that would most definitely get you started:

 Audio For Games

The Audio For Games (Basic Certificate) introduces students to the necessary skill set needed to enter the gaming industry. It focuses on the game production workflow, game engine requirements, elaboration of SDDs, game sound design and sound implementation in gaming environments through the use of game sound engines.

 Live Sound

The Live Sound (Certificate) is a two-level course that focuses on the basic principles of setting up and operating a professional audio system for live performances. You will get a clear understanding of the basic and latest equipment, setting up a full system, the operations, definitions and real hands-on experience.

 Electronic Music Production

The Electronic Music Production (Certificate) provides training using the latest digital music production technology. Ideal for those who:
- experiment with electronic sound synthesis and would like to work more efficiently with their equipment
- would like to create their own music and/or remix music more effectively
- want an edge on their existing production techniques

 Digital Short Film

The Digital Short Film (Certificate) is for anyone with a basic knowledge of shooting a video. Students will learn the tricks of the trade by doing it from the start. All techniques learned will help you make higher quality and more professional footage.

SAE Short Courses Amsterdam

 3D Graphics & Animation

The 3D Graphics & Animation (Certificate) course covers all the techniques involved to create 3D objects and short animations. Due to the short duration and practical teaching method, this is one of the fastest entries to the world of 3D graphics.

 Digital Photography

The Digital Photography Certificate is aimed at those wanting to learn how to get the most out of their digital camera and how to re-touch in Photoshop. In the basic level you will learn technical aspects of the camera and basic enhancement techniques in Photoshop, while the second level unleashes your creativity as you learn the practical application of the camera and more advanced processing in Photoshop.

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SAE Institute Amsterdam is part of SAE, the largest international educator in audio, digital filmmaking, multimedia and 3D. SAE has an international network of over 54 campuses in 26 countries on five continents, and more than 30 years of experience in practical training with over 100.000 successful graduates.

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