NAISR: Giving students the skills to become resourceful global citizens

NAISR: Giving students the skills to become resourceful global citizens


Have Brexit fears got you looking for a great international school in the Netherlands? Look no further. NAISR is here and has been for over 60 years, providing high-quality education in a uniquely nurturing environment. NAISR is the only true expat school in Rotterdam and, given Europe’s current geopolitical climate, influenced both by Brexit and US politics, a safe and stimulating environment for students is needed now more than ever.

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There is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the fallout of Brexit, leading many parents to worry about the education and future of their children. NAISR can help alleviate this worry.

Many graduates have gone on to study at leading universities around the world, and increasingly to universities right here in the Netherlands. Why? Because Dutch universities are among the best in the world, competing with many highly regarded UK and US universities.

Leaving your home country can be overwhelming

Whether your child is in primary or secondary school, Nord Anglia International School Rotterdam understands the direct correlation between the environment in which a child learns and his / her future success. Leaving your home country can be overwhelming, and understandably so, given the network of support left behind.

Work, home, friends, community and the wider environment collectively provide a degree of comfort and security to families at home. Moving abroad changes all of this and with the added worry of a national change like Brexit, this anxiety is only amplified. So, how can NAISR help?

A warm and welcoming environment

NAISR is known for its warm and welcoming environment, successfully helping students and parents transition into a new school environment, a new community and a new country. Families immediately feel a sense of security and support as soon as they walk through the doors; this is part of the NAISR experience.

With highly trained teachers and a wealth of experience in international education, the small school environment supports the individual development of each and every child. Working alongside the teachers is the Student Services Team, comprised of experts in different fields to ensure all aspects of your child’s development are considered. Brexit worries will soon disappear with the knowledgeable guidance and skilful support from the team.


A rich and diverse journey

With a world-renowned international curriculum and students from over 40 different countries, students enjoy a rich and diverse learning journey. NAISR expects a lot from its students but also knows how to support them in order to achieve the best results.

As a part of Nord Anglia Education, the school benefits from being part of a family of over 60 schools and 60.000 students worldwide. The teachers have access to global professional development programmes and can tap into the expertise of Nord Anglia’s dedicated Education team in Oxford.

Meanwhile, the students have access to unique global opportunities bespoke to Nord Anglia, such as STEAM with MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the Global Campus and UNICEF. These high standards are reflected in the outstanding IB results of the school’s recent graduates, with two of its students achieving 40 points and above.

Opportunities beyond academics 

As part of the holistic approach, NAISR provides opportunities beyond academics as part of the co-curricular programme. Students can choose to join sports teams, pursue their passions for the creative arts, and participate in clubs where they learn new skills or develop existing ones. The music programme provides opportunities for students to participate in orchestra, band, choir, or to receive private music lessons for a wide range of instruments.

An active Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA)

NAISR also has a longstanding tradition of parents who willingly share the wealth of their diverse experiences and ideas. The active Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) is an essential part of the school’s community and provides opportunities for parents to connect with each other, while simultaneously contributing to the overall NAISR experience for their children.

A prosperous international education

There is no denying the fact the Brexit will have an impact in many aspects of society. But it doesn’t need to affect your child’s academic career. NAISR creates the environment necessary to ensure every child has a positive and prosperous international education.


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