MixTree Languages: Affordable English courses in Amsterdam

MixTree Languages: Affordable English courses in Amsterdam


For the past nine years, MixTree Languages has been one of the leading non-profit, language institutes for teaching English. Based in Amsterdam, the language centre has welcomed thousands of students from around the world.

Mixtree offers a variety of English language courses for all levels. Their language courses allow newcomers to the Netherlands to build a social network, expand their professional opportunities, and integrate into their new home.

Interactive learning

How does the MixTree Language methodology allow students to focus on speech and communication while still teaching important vocabulary and grammar? Well, they do this by implementing the learner-centred Flipped Classroom Approach. This approach encourages students to practice new grammar and vocabulary topics at home, complete language exercises, and then put what they’ve studied into use in the classroom.


Thanks to the multicultural classes at MixTree Languages, students are required to use English in the classroom to communicate with their teachers and classmates. Of course, teachers provide plenty of activities such as role playing, dialogues, presentations, and games to encourage and develop conversational skills.

Experienced English teachers

Speaking of teachers, MixTree Languages’ classes wouldn’t be what they are without the highly qualified and experienced teachers that deliver them. All the teachers at MixTree Languages have at least three years of experience teaching English, as well as a teaching qualification such as a CELTA or TEFL. Most importantly, their teachers are highly skilled at creating an engaging and welcoming classroom environment.

Engaging learning materials

In March 2022, all of MixTree Languages started using the English File book series for their general English courses. This series provides students with a wealth of fun, engaging activities for practising English, both in and out of the classroom. An online classroom and pronunciation app gives language learners the opportunity to practice in between lessons or just for an extra boost in their learning journey.

Real-world English in the city

Every year since 2018, the Dutch have been ranked as the best non-native English speakers in the world. Thanks to this, anyone who comes to Amsterdam to learn English will have plenty of opportunities to practice speaking in the city. Due to MixTree Languages’ central location, you will be close to Amsterdam’s museums, shops, and cafés where you can immerse yourself in the language.


English courses for everyone

For students who want to improve their English quickly, MixTree Languages offers Intensive English Courses which are fast-paced, group courses that focus on conversational English.

These 40-hour intensive English courses allow students to activate their grammar through a focus on speaking. New A2, B1 and B2 level intensive courses begin monthly, so new students can begin when it’s most convenient for them.

For students who don’t have the time to commit to an intensive course, MixTree Languages has a variety of morning and Online Evening Courses that run just twice a week.

Additionally, beginner and business English courses are offered at regular intervals. Both the online and in-person courses at MixTree Languages use Google Classroom and WhatsApp to keep students connected and practising English outside of the classroom as well.


Check your English level

MixTree Languages offers daily English level checks via Zoom and WhatsApp for new students. The goal of this 15-minute chat is to assess your spoken English level. This is the first, and most important, step in registering for a MixTree Language course.

If you’re coming from abroad, it's a good idea to schedule a free level check and register for one of MixTree Languages' online courses before arriving in Amsterdam!

Get in touch with MixTree Languages

MixTree Languages is reachable from 9pm – 6pm, Monday through Friday. If you would like to make an appointment or stop by the school, you can email them at or call +31(0)20 76 61 981. And don't forget to sign up for a free Level Check with one of their teachers!



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