Your development is critical, even in a time of global crisis

Your development is critical, even in a time of global crisis


New opportunities for growth almost always come after a crisis, and they usually occur in the context of world events. We probably learn less from public events than we do from personal crisis, which are often more immediate and meaningful to us. In your professional life, you likely deal with small scale challenges every day, and your ability to learn from each of them prepares you for large scale events. Being mindful of new opportunities for growth within each event can empower you personally and transform you professionally.

Transformation and perspective 

Even during the current global economic uncertainty, Nyenrode Business University believes that choosing to follow a study program can still be a valuable investment that not only transforms your career but also provides perspective for your long-term future. One of the tools you can tap into for personal and professional development is an MBA (Master in Business Administration).

An MBA program will offer you many advantages. For instance, not only can an MBA prepare you for a senior strategic management position but also enable you to change to a different role or industry, or even take the first step into becoming an entrepreneur. In-class diversity and actual real-life business cases will allow you to apply new learnings from different perspectives while shaping your authentic leadership style. Not to mention the fact that Nyenrode is a business university with a very good reputation and an extensive international alumni network.

Foster your potential and lead the future

Being the university’s flagship program since 1982, the Full-time MBA at Nyenrode has provided its participants from all over the world with a broad set of personal and professional skills and new career opportunities ever since. This one-year full-time international program is based at Nyenrode’s new location at the “Keizersgracht” in the heart of Amsterdam and is ranked no. 32 in Europe according to the Financial Times Ranking of 2019.

The Full-time MBA program itself is designed around integrated business practices that cover the most important components of current business dynamics, as well as new topics such as Big Data and Circular Economy. This not only ensures that the study reflects the reality of doing business, but it also means that you and your fellow MBA students will work together on case studies commissioned by senior management executives at companies in the Netherlands and Europe.

The primary focus of the Full-time MBA is your career advancement and your attractiveness to the business world. The personal leadership development journey is designed to enhance your leadership potential. You will be encouraged and supported to identify your strengths as an individual and team member while taking concrete action to address areas which could benefit from professional development. This results in a truer self-direction, and an enhanced ability to lead others and organizations through times of crisis.



Discover Nyenrode’s Full-time MBA and get personal career advice

Would you like to know more about Nyenrode's Full-time MBA? And learn how the MBA program can transform your career and provide you with a new perspective for the future? Visit their website for more information or sign up for the next Virtual MBA Roadshow on August 8, 2020. Request personal career advice by Nyenrode’s Career and Personal Development Department and receive valuable input on your next career steps!



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