Learn to speak Dutch in the heart of Amsterdam

Learn to speak Dutch in the heart of Amsterdam


Do you want to understand the language of the country you live in and boost your resumé and social life? In the heart of Amsterdam, The Centre Français-Néerlandais offers weekly Dutch courses at different levels, specifically adapted to francophones.

Experienced teachers

All of their teachers are Dutch natives who have mastered French and understand the needs and difficulties of foreign inhabitants perfectly. They will help you get the self-confidence you need to be able to communicate in Dutch, plus all of their lessons are in Dutch and so are suitable for non-French speakers as well!

Various courses available

The Centre Français-Néerlandais offers the following courses:

General Dutch course

In this course, you will work on all aspects of Dutch culture and language. The Centre Français-Néerlandais offers courses in small groups for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Conversation course

During this course, you mainly learn how to express yourself freely in Dutch through everyday topics. You will work in small groups. This course is offered from level A2.

Tailor-made courses

At the Centre, they also offer tailor-made Dutch courses to cater to your specific needs. These lessons can take place in the Walloon church or at any place you like. Get in touch if you want to know what course matches your needs!

In-company courses

The Centre Français-Néerlandais also offers in-company training and tailored business-oriented courses.

The most peaceful place in Amsterdam to learn something new

The Centre Français-Néerlandais is located in the beautiful and quiet Walloon church in the heart of Amsterdam. It’s by far the most peaceful place in the city to learn all about Dutch culture and language and to meet new people.

The Walloon church was originally established at the beginning of the 13th century and has a rich history. Every Sunday at 11 am, they still hold a church service in French. During the week, concerts and music recordings take place, as the church is known for its wonderful acoustics and world-famous organ.

Contact The Centre Français-Néerlandais

If you are interested in learning Dutch, visit the website to get an overview of The Centre Français-Néerlandais' courses and activities and their costs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send them an email



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