Berlitz Flex: The perfect combo of e-learning and private lessons

Berlitz Flex: The perfect combo of e-learning and private lessons


Everybody knows that if you don’t practice a language, you will lose it. Although many have the desire to improve their English level, many factors get in the way, like having a busy lifestyle and not enough time to attend classes. So, in order to help all those with a frenetic pace of life, this September, Berlitz, an international company dedicated to global and cultural language education, launches Berlitz Flex.

Improve your English with Berlitz Flex

Introducing Berlitz Flex

Berlitz Flex is a virtual platform for learning English in the most flexible way possible. With this new learning system, students can study wherever they are using any connected device, but without giving up private lessons with a teacher.

"E-learning has come to stay, but having the support of an experienced, motivational teacher is still essential when learning a new language," says Margit Boundesteijn, Marketing and Sales Coordinator at Berlitz Netherlands. “Berlitz Flex is the perfect formula for young people and adults who want the flexibility of self-paced learning but with the support of online live personal lessons.”

Flexible learning through this platform is based on the Berlitz method, which consists of speaking in the target language from the very first session.

E-learning from your mobile without giving up guidance from a teacher

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, society has become more used to learning languages or other subjects via virtual platforms. However, most people agree that connecting with a human being gives the student a better opportunity of having a more personalised approach to their learning needs, such as someone who can help directly with key difficulties like pronunciation, for example.

Each Berlitz Flex learning level consists of 60 lessons, 40 self-learning lessons and 20 sessions with a teacher. This way, the students can progress with exercises "on demand" at their own pace according to the free time they have available. Once these lessons are completed, the student arranges a virtual class with a teacher to practice everything learned, gain confidence, and achieve objectives quickly.

Advanced voice recognition to practice like nobody is watching

It is almost comical to imagine the typical TV scene of a character with headphones on saying words in English when practising with a virtual learning platform. However, practising by yourself can be useful especially for people who are shy. Berlitz has developed its own voice recognition feature, which allows the user to have a live conversation using complete sentences and not just single words. Voice recognition gives more freedom to the student to practice on their own before engaging in a real conversation or before having a class with the teacher.

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Combining self-learning classes with live private lessons gives young people and adults with a busy lifestyle the opportunity to keep practising English. Starting this September, if you want to keep improving your English without giving up the guidance of an experienced teacher, you will only need any electronic device and Berlitz Flex. Sign up now!



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