IB.Academy: Helping IB students with their studies since 2011

IB.Academy: Helping IB students with their studies since 2011


If you have a child at an international school, chances are they are working to obtain the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. This programme can be quite daunting for its students, especially those in their final year, but fortunately there is an organisation that can help: IB.Academy.

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Best help for students

IB.Academy is an education company that assists IB students with their studies by providing open source material, one-on-one tutorials, and revision courses. Based in Utrecht, the team of former IB alumni has helped hundreds of students since 2011. As the leading organisation for IB revision in the Netherlands, it is the ideal programme for any IB student who is looking to achieve their exam targets.

Effective revision courses

The three-day courses are the quickest way to improve and gain the confidence needed to succeed. Featuring over 30 hours of tuition, the revision courses are intensive, but with the guidance of IB.Academy teachers, students will be led through the critical points of the syllabi, receive individual feedback, and learn how to tackle all of their exam questions.

Small classrooms of six students per teacher guarantees individual assistance, while interactive lessons and practice questions will ensure that the theory is fully understood and applied correctly during exams. IB.Academy teachers know the IB programme inside out, and are selected for their engaging personalities in order to motivate students during stressful periods. Having pursued university studies in the subject they teach, they are experts in their respective fields and can effectively help students learn more in less time.

The revision courses take place in January, February, April, August, and October, and are hosted at the Science Park in Utrecht. Accommodation at the nearby Hotel Mitland can be arranged for students travelling from far cities or aboard.

Tailored help at your convenience

IB.Academy also offers private tutoring for those who cannot attend a revision course. Geared towards the individual student, private tutoring can be taken up by those looking to improve their understanding of a specific topic or those who need structural support for an entire subject. Provided online, in person, or as a combination of the two, private tutoring offers flexibility for students in need of extra support.

Must-have study companions

Specially made study guides form the basis of the IB.Academy courses and tutoring. Containing concise summaries with clear explanations and samples, the study guides are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are up to date with the current syllabus requirements. Globally, thousands have benefited from the study guides, which are available to download for free!

Trusted by international schools

The IB.Academy has worked closely with a number of schools in the Netherlands, either to provide in-house revision courses or to support students through dedicated tutorials. Workshops for Economics were hosted at Rivers International in Arnhem, and IB.Academy teachers have regularly worked with students at the International School in Utrecht. IB coordinators often recommend students to join a revision course, knowing that they will come out with more confidence and knowledge for the exams.

Contact and book a course!

Feel free to get in touch with the team at IB.Academy with all your questions relating to the IB programme, exams, and courses. Sign up for a revision course and use the code EXPATIB to knock 20 euros off your booking.


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  • Address: Daltonlaan 400, 3584 BK, Utrecht
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