The British School in the Netherlands: Inspiring changemakers

The British School in the Netherlands: Inspiring changemakers


As a parent, how do you know which school will best fit your child and your family? What factors should you prioritise? Education is not one-size-fits-all, but it can be difficult to tell what sets one school apart from the rest.

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When you start your search for a school, one of the first things you'll notice is the school's logo. At The British School in the Netherlands (BSN), they understand the significance of this first impression. That's why they have carefully designed and launched a new logo to reflect its values, diverse community and the importance and benefit of its context, the Netherlands. 

The British School introduces its new logo in this short video:

The new logo represents a long-standing, British and international school, proudly located in the Netherlands. They boast approximately 2.000 students representing nearly 90 different nationalities, spread out over two Junior and Senior School campuses. 

"The British School provides kids with so many different opportunities to discover and develop their interests. My kids look forward to going to school and feel a real sense of belonging at the BSN." - BSN Parent

What defines The British School in the Netherlands?

The BSN communicates three important elements through their new logo:


Established in 1931, The British School has a rich history and is proud to build on the solid foundation of over 90 years of experience. That heritage is highlighted by the addition of "est. 1931".



The BSN is proud to be a British school supporting a vibrant, international community of many different cultures and nationalities in the Netherlands. The school is both British AND international, and has been brought together in the Netherlands. Thus, the Netherlands is part of their shared identity.

"It's a British School, obviously, but it’s really an international school, and I think that's what makes a difference. I grew up with a very international mindset, which was a key part of my love for the school: appreciating all the multiculturalism and diversity and everyone we met." - BSN alum

The new logo is unambiguous about the role their context plays in the offerings and overall experience at the BSN.



The history of the BSN is marked by continuous adaptation to meet the students' needs in an ever-changing world. This is reflected in the British School's mission to prepare its students to take an active role in changing the world.


Theirs is a community of changemakers dedicated to making a positive difference in their school, community and beyond.

"All these positive experiences I had at the BSN inspired me to look for a course related to environmental sustainability when applying to university. That is why I chose Leiden University's Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges course where I am majoring in Earth, Energy and Sustainability. In the future, I want to keep working in this field and hopefully play a role in finding sustainable solutions to the climate crisis we face today!" - BSN alum

The lion's stance is proud, with one paw lifted in motion, representing dynamism, adaptability and progress.

Meaningful design elements of the logo

The school's internal Graphic Designer developed a modern logo that captures The British School's heritage and identity while maintaining important traditional elements.

The new logo's design may appear simple - it's supposed to! Research shows that seemingly simple logos are the most memorable. They tend to be bolder and stand out more than logos with many details and fine lines.


Despite its simplicity, the new logo's elements are intentional. There are subtle cues that link to The British School's values and reflect feedback from their community.

What led to the decision to change their logo?

Over the past years, the BSN has put a lot of work into defining who they are as a school and community. Beginning in 2018 with the introduction of its Character Profile, a new mission launched in 2022, and finally, with the development of the Staff Values in 2023, The British School has set out what is important to them and what drives them as an international school.

Through this work, they consulted current and past students, families, staff and people outside the BSN community about their experiences and perspectives on the school.

Equipped with these insights and a clear understanding of how their community and context have evolved, when the decision to introduce a new uniform in September 2024 was made, the school had an opportunity to review its visual identity and consider if its then-current logo presented the BSN accurately.


Representing BSN's community

The British School is proud and excited to have developed a meaningful logo that brings together and represents the different elements that make up their unique community. The care and attention that the school brought to this process typifies their approach to affecting change within - involving and listening to, their school community while responding to the changing external landscape.


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