Senior Backend Developer Java Utrecht | Building high available native Cloud Solution around our climate and nature | Java8, Cloud Native, AWS, Spring Boot, Docker, Elasticsearch, Cassandra | Up to € 75.000 + € 7.250 bonus

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Vacancy: Senior Backend Developer Java Utrecht

  • Would you like to play a role within a new technology unit to be set up, within a financially strong mother organization?
  • Does it seem challenging to you to build solutions around our climate, super useful and a lot of impact?
  • Do you like complex issues around Big Data, Cloud Native and high availability?
  • Would you also like to work with modern technology such as Java8, Cloud Native, AWS, Spring Boot, Docker, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Kotlin, Golang?

Then we have the job for you

Your employer: Build high available & real time solutions around the climate

Sometimes you look at a company and you think: “Wow, I wish I had been part of that company when they had just started. That would have been a great ride. “” Well, here’s your chance! This company knows the best of both worlds: A capital powerful parent organization, a strong vision and a very large network of clients around the most challenging issues surrounding the global climate, all from a new office in Utrecht!

The main goal of this organization is clear: By combining Data, the climate and advanced products, create added value for organizations from different branches. Often these products from their customers are used 24/7 by many 10-thousands to millions of users. Exaples of Industries they work for are energy, shipping, agriculture and governments. The scale is large, the matter complex. You will find here a technically complex environment and a lot of new construction. Of course people work here with modern technology, where you can think of: Java8, Kotlin, Golang, Python, Cloud Native, AWS, Spring Boot, Docker, Elasticsearch, Cassandra.

If you want to help build the further development of this new tech unit and want to have an impact on how we can achieve added value from our climate. Then this is your job!

Your job: Senior Backend Developer Java Utrecht

In your role as Senior Backend Developer Java Utrecht you will be part of a group of passionate techies. You come here to work together with experienced software, data and DevOps engineers. Depending on your knowledge and interest areas, you will find a variety of technical challenges here. Think of high-availability challenges for making the large amounts of data available, Building native cloud custom solutions, POC’s for new products, building new features and optimizing existing systems / products.

The great thing about working at this scale up as Senior Backend Developer Java Utrecht is that you can still have a lot of impact on the course of this new tech unit, technology choice for the different products and systems. Working within a financially strong organization. Working daily in an environment with many challenges arround Architecture, Microservices, Docker, Cloud, Reactive Programming, Clean Coding, Devops, NoSQL and/or Continuous Delivery.

Growth opportunities

Working here means a lot growth opportunities. We are experiencing a huge growth of this tech unit, so working here as Senior backend developer Java Utrecht means that you can continue to develop into Lead developer for one of the development teams, specializing further in architecture or become a specialist in a certain discipline as a Principal engineer such as Cloud or Microservices. The question here is not I can grow, the question is which chance do you take?

What is asked for?

  • A minimum of 5 years of professional experience as a Java Software engineer
  • Experience with multiple programming languages ​​such as: Kotlin, Go, Python and Scala
  • A technical bachelor or master degree
  • Experience with Spring Boot, Akka, Reactive programming or Actor based models is an advantage
  • Experience with Docker and/or Kubernetes is a plus
  • Experience with Google App Engine, AWS or Azure is a plus
  • Experience with NoSQL technology is a plus
  • Experience with High available systems is a plus
  • Experience with Agile such as scrum or Kanban is a plus
  • Experience with automated testing and / or TDD is a plus
  • Experience with CI/CD is a plus
  • Passion for technology and craft

What is offered?

  • Salary between € 65.000 and € 75.000, for example knowledge and experience
  • The ability to work 32, 36 or 40 hours
  • End of year bonus of € 7.250
  • 30 holiday days
  • Possibility to work at home
  • Budget for following training, courses or visit events
  • Full travel allowance
  • Excellent pension scheme

Are you, as a Senior Backend Developer Java Utrecht, happy to be part of a new tech unit to be set up in Utrecht. Do you find social impact and climate important?

Respond quickly! Send your resume to Serge Warbout, via


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Work Hours:

32 hours (Parttime) hours per week