Beauty Consultants. Part Time / Full Time ALL Netherland Major Cities



Mary Kay Cosmetics is one of the largest cosmetics companies in the United States, Mary Kay, Inc. specializes in the manufacture and direct sale of more than 200 products, including skin care, cosmetics, fragrances, Glamour,  and other personal care items. Its direct sales force consists primarily of women who sell full- or part-time.

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As of 2018 the company operates in 34 countries around the world.

Currently expanding in the Netherlands, Looking for Part time & Full time Beauty consultants who will be trained, and educated on the company & its benefits.

Consultants make 40-50% on all their sales, have a personal website that the company designs and updates for them.

The Company is now 55 years old.

Company Perspectives:

Our vision: To provide women with an unparalleled opportunity for financial independence, career and personal fulfillment. To achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering the products and services that enhance a woman's self-image and confidence. The principles we live by: Integrity and the Golden Rule must guide every business decision.

Mary Kay Foundation – Gives back Here are highlights of what we accomplished together in 2017:- 2018 Granted 150 domestic violence shelters $20,000 each – a total of $3 million •Awarded 13 respected doctors and medical scientists $100,000 each in cancer research grants – a total of $1.3 million •Donated $12,226 to Polaris Project, a nonprofit organization committed to combating human trafficking and modern day slavery •Donated $412,226 to CancerCare®, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free professional help to people with cancer, for its Touching Hearts program


We are looking for women who are interested in making other women feel beautiful through the use of Cosmetics 

Enthusiasm encourages a positive attitude and provides inspiration as we work together to achieve our goals. Quality in our products and services must be a priority in order for us to deliver value and satisfaction to our customers. Service should be prompt and proactive to provide convenience with a personal touch. Praise motivates everyone to reach their full potential. Leadership among our sales force and employees must be encouraged and recognized in order to achieve long-term success. Teamwork allows each person to be valued and appreciated by others while contributing to the Company's success. Balancing our lives with God, family and career in harmony will lead to happy, fulfilled lives.

Salary Benefits:

Work around your family and busy family life. Opportunity for many bonuses, Directorship benefits includes not only bonuses, but free trips to dream destinations, Prizes like diamond rings for top sales and free trips to America.

Work Hours:

6-20 hours per week

About the company:

 Will be in the Netherlands now until October 14 to set up meet up times  Interested please send email or call whats app 

+1925 360 1964