Quality Coordinator - Fluent in English

Management / Consulting


Our customer offers certification through the entire feed chain, starting from trade-, production-, storage-, processing- and transportation of feed materials. This means that if a feed producing company is certified, all its suppliers must be certified too, as well as transport and storage companies that are part of the chain.
In Europe, the certification system of the client is leading and highly regarded. Quality standards are based on ISO and HACCP.
We are looking for someone with an external focus, who will play a central role (or grows towards it) for the client on accreditation, ISO topics and the development of the scheme in an international context. These topics are vital for the client because changes have impact on companies, certification bodies and the scheme itself. And since this environment is very versatile, you we need to be on top of it and take the lead in discussions.


You have an important role in translating these developments into the clients’ core business and take the lead with your colleagues to prepare and give suggestions, decide on the direction and implement the changes. In the business, you will be seen as the expert on these matters. This requires not only knowledge and conceptual insights, but also network competencies (international). In your role it's essential that you initiate contact with accreditation bodies, certification bodies, other schemes and participate in several committees. Essential for you and the success of the scheme is that certified companies can work with it in daily practice. Reliable contact with the market is essential in translating 'demands' into a workable scheme which can be used worldwide.

Furthermore; - You are a team player with an education level of BA/MA (Preferably with a specialization in Quality Management and/or Agriculture)
- You like to operate in a team of experts who together strive to get the work done and obtain results. - You are able to translate technical topics to day-to-day use for the certified companies and the certification bodies.
- You are communicative, show initiative and can be convincing in a leading role.- In addition, you have excellent oral and written skills in English and speak preferably another language (like German, French, Spanish or Russian).
- Preferably you have knowledge of schemes like ISO 17021/ISO 22003, HACCP and accreditation.
About the company:
The client’s vision is for everyone in the world to have access to safe food. Therefore, every company in the animal feed chain should be committed to safe feed. To support this vision, the client’s mission is to deploy a certification scheme that facilitate companies to contribute to safe feed. To keep the scheme and community up to date they gather and share worldwide valuable information regarding feed safety assurance.In 1992, after various serious incidents with contaminated feed materials, the Dutch feed industry decided to establish a certification scheme for feed safety. Today, thousands of companies all over the world hold the client’s certification.