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Everyone who is looking for a job, personal development, inspiration and knowledge is welcome at Projob’s House of Careers. Our House of Careers is about people and quality of work and life.

People work an average of 200 days a year. More than half of our time is taken up with the work we do, the colleagues we see daily, the culture we find ourselves in and the specific experiences which belong to this. If you consider it from this angle, work is not only about work but about life. It is about your interpretation of how you want to live and in which direction you want to develop. Which type of work fits your interpretation and is meaningful and satisfying? Our house has all types of specialists available to advise and coach you and search for that job which will make you happy.

Our services:

· Permanent jobs

· Temporary jobs

· Flexpools

· Interim Professionals

· Career Coaching & Training

We offer permanent and temp jobs at different levels in the administrative field such as: HR, secretarial, financial, marketing and communication, logistics, customer service and sales.

Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!