Senior Technical Specialist


Offered by:

Particle Analytical ApS



We are expanding and looking for a chemist able to help continue our growth and development. We have therefore created a new position as Senior Technical Specialist Your responsibilities will include taking part in daily operations, consultancy, sales and customer contact. You will be part of daily operations to be able to give our customers the best possible advice, and will therefore be involved in the approval of analyses, compiling reports, method development, optimising analysis techniqu...


The successful candidate will:

  • Be able to speak and write fluently in Danish, and at a high level in English
  • Hold a master's degree in science
  • Possess considerable interest and flair to be able to advise customers (sales work)
  • Be prepared to travel

We are well aware that not all the criteria in a recruitment advertisement can be fulfilled by any one person. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the things we are looking for in the ideal candidate. This will also help you see exactly what we are looking for: We want to find the right person and be able to benefit from the skills that person can bring.  

Our criteria:

  • Minimum 5 years relevant experience
  • PhD specialising in polymorphism
  • Sales experience, preferably in an area related to ours
  • Able to speak and write fluent German (a very important criterion)
  • Knowledge of GMP
  • Ability to hold talks/presentations
  • Creative and able to spot market opportunities
  • Interested in exploring e.g. XRD and becoming an expert