Project Development



Project Development Officer

Our client, a leading player in the Shipbuilding sector, is currently looking for a Project Development Officer to support and drive the promotion, presentation of the brand and development of new project proposals with the ultimate goal to bringing the project to a build contract.

You will be required to handle all aspects, from the initial personal contact with a broker or client representative, arranging development, consultations with designers and captains and the direct client contact


Are you creative and not afraid to think “out of the box” and driven to come up with new ideas and share your ideas? Do you have the confidence to participate in the development of the business and get the job done? 

Please read on!


  • Initially working closely with the Head of Project Development and the Directors on all levels of proposals, design, presentations, promotional activities and acquisition support.
  • Creating promotional and proposal specific project layout and styling material that will be strategically placed in advertising and news releases.
  • As a member of the acquisition and project development team to contribute to the implementation of cost efficient build technologies that identifies long-term business advantages and contributes to the overall strategic direction of our client.
  • To contribute to the research and development of new technologies and processes, acting upon those that deliver Added Brand Value, and implementing in a way that delivers long term business advantage.
  • To perform a highly motivated team culture within the Project Development team that sets the brand at the fore front of the reputable Dutch Super yacht builders.
  • To review business processes and procedures, identifying and acting upon opportunities to deliver continuous improvements in business performance, with particular emphasis on creativity and marketing opportunities.
  • Prepare detailed and accomplished arrangement proposals to capture the client’s imagination and seek to always exceed the expected whilst maintaining a careful eye on given budget restrictions.
  • To produce hull forms with hydrostatic and performance characteristics that are in line with the project requirements and the client’s preferences.
  • To support PR, Marketing and Events and represent our brand at shows or promotional activities.
  • Due to the nature of a shipyard every employee is required to contribute to the seamless functioning and operation of the production department. Hence it will be necessary to perform tasks that are outside of the core work scope such as creating and providing timely production documentation, assist the timely delivery of vessels and organize shipyard events.
  • To efficiently manage organizational project timing / costing documentation


  • Creativity and Flexibility
  • Team effort and spirit
  • Successful project development
  • Personal representation
  • Commercial approach
  • Solution minded approach
  • Class compliance knowledge
  • Software capabilities and learning ability
  • Communication, both written and spoken
  • Organizational skills
  • Knowledge of absence rates

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of the client products & organization,
  • Legal standards / Class rules
  • Ethical working practices
  • Competitor and market knowledge
  • Customer knowledge
  • Time management
  • Negotiating skills


IT knowledge

  • 3D Design software, such as Rhino, Pro-E or similar
  • Stability/Hydrostatic packages such as Maxsurf
  • 2D & 3D CAD such as AutoCAD,
  • PC media / rendering design systems
  • Internet & Intranet
  • Microsoft Office & Outlook

The team consists of a small group and an active and open dialogue within the team will benefit the successful, quick and efficient handling of inquiries, concept development and with promotional activities.


Interested? Please send your CV with salary breakdown to Cheryl Pinontoan – Recruitment Account Manager