PhD Candidate

Research / Academic

The project entails the development and testing of an e-health intervention program focused on the biological clock and sleep, which will be implemented in several Dutch Universities. The PhD student will be involved in the development of the online intervention, in piloting it, and subsequently conducting a randomized-controlled trial to test the effectiveness of this intervention. The ultimate goal of this intervention is to improve students’ sleep quality, mental health, and quality of life.

The project is embedded within the Caring Universities platform (which is a consortium of several Dutch Universities). The PhD student will be located in Leiden University and supervised by Dr. Niki Antypa and Prof. Philip Spinhoven. Furthermore, due to the collaborative nature of this project, he/she will be co-supervised by Dr. Sascha Struijs and Prof. Annemieke van Straten (VU University).

This PhD position is one of in total 25 positions at the core of the N.W.O. funded BioClock research project, which is part of the Dutch Research Agenda. BioClock is a unique consortium in which academic institutes, societal partners, and industry join forces to address a broad spectrum of fundamental and applied research questions on the circadian clock in modern society. As a PhD student in the BioClock consortium, the candidate will get the opportunity to actively participate in this multidisciplinary team effort.    


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