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HR / Recruitment
English and Dutch

The Dutch contacts it's something that we would like you to help us with!
The more orders you gain for us, the higher salary you get.
We are interested in more basic production work like greenhouse, cleaning services, wooden or metal factory. 
Can be building projects and something more specific, but mainly something unqualified is what we are serching for.


1) The language that we can communicate in:
 - - - - - -English or Polish or Russian - - - - - - 
2) The Dutch Language is up to you 
3) To be in touch with us, (perfectly around 9-15)

Salary Benefits:

Salarty consist of the provision. For any client that you find for us you got paid 1 euro / 1 h of working of the employee. 
So, the salary it's up to you, wether you make 1-2 k euro passively or 40 k euro actively. 
If you find a greenhouse contract for 10 people - it's 10 * 140 h = 1400 euro / monthly 

That's the way of calculations - let me know if you would like to know more.

Work Experience:

1-2 Years

Work Hours:

30-40 hours per week

About the company:

We work for 5 years but our Dutch HR devision is young. We expand our polish company in order to enter to the dutch market. We can provide any kind of stuff to a good client. 

Application Procedure:

You can send the CV on our e-mail or call us directly on: +31610143036