Customer Support Consultant - Technical Support (Italian)

IT & Technology


Do you have a natural affinity for (bio) technology? Are you service minded? Then we are looking for you! You come to the office in the morning, a vet is calling YOU. They have to do a surgery on Fluffy the cat and it requires preliminary testing. The instruments (equipment) measuring the time of coagulation, isn’t responding as expected! What are you going to do? You need to investigate! Technical Support Consultant at IDEXX requires the curious mind. We are an entirely customer centric comp...


To be successful in this role there are a couple of mandatory elements. 

You must be customer oriented and have some experience within a customer support environment. For this consultant role you will be helping clients based mainly in Italy therefore you will need to speak Italian on a native level. You will need to understand how the world of biotech equipment works. You could also be a bit techy – it will help. 

And then there are other elements which we would like to see. We are looking for calm, smart, agile, creative people, who also can anchor these traits with a high degree of accuracy and an analytical mindset. Things are changing at such a rapid pace at IDEXX. We are an ambitious company with a strong commitment to grow. So, you will need to understand that this requires a degree of flexibility on your side, to take on new challenges, to think outside of the box and to be stretched beyond your comfort zone. What this means for you however, is that you will be growing as we grow. Last but not least, we look for a level of maturity which can manage this work load and emphatic people with a sense of humor.