Consumer Care Professional fluent in French and Dutch

Customer service


You come in the office and the phone rings. It's a shopkeeper from French, who has a customer in the store with a defect in his car seat. After a good analysis what exactly is the problem, you arrange that the car seat will be picked up and arrives within 2 days at our Repair Center in Helmond. You tell the customer that he can expect the repaired car seat back within a week. Meanwhile, you get an email from a customer who lives in South Africa and has a question about her stroller, the coating (fabric) is not good anymore. This falls under our Lifetime Warranty and you are contacting your colleague from the Export department directly, to check how we can get new coating at the customer ASAP. Yesterday a post has been placed on Facebook, more and more people are reacting with questions and comments. You switch quickly to ensure that we respond neatly within an hour. Your colleague drops a box of chocolates at your desk, it is a thank you from a customer that you helped last week and send a small present (bath toys) afterwards. The customer is so happy with it that she send a picture of the baby with bath toys. You of course share this picture with your team!


As a Consumer Care Professional you ensure an excellent service, you amaze customers and surpass their expectations. You make customers happy!

How to tackle this:
• You answer questions and complaints via telephone, e-mail and Social Media with customized solutions in line with the companies service promises
• You are able to estimate and decide when a question, comment or complaint should be treated online or better offline
• You work with ERP and CRM systems to answer all questions, register and plan follow up activities
• You propose improvements in response to customer questions
• You recognize opportunities that can lead to improvement of our processes• You register improvements through internal systems. In this way you make our products every day a little bit better for our customers
About the company:
Our client in Helmond create innovative products and services for growing children. They are extending their leading market position, and they believe that team spirit, personal drive, and accountability can make a real different in achieving sustainable growth. Would you like to work in a team with an amazing working atmosphere, room for personal growth within the organization, and do you like working in an independent function with a lot of freedom? Apply now!