Senior Software Developer

IT & Technology
The Hague


will share our passion for open source and open data, whilst using technology to make culture available to all, has the experience and discipline to be organized, being capable of time management and coaching junior developers, believes that technical design and good documentation are an integral part of the job, is someone that can share this passion with us, that can help the team take the next step further and improve itself so as to gain a higher level of efficiency and professionality, i...


  • Develop the data ingestion and management toolset for Europeana, and integrate this toolset into the Europeana Cloud.
  • To acquire the necessary knowledge for the different components involved in this integration, analyze their risks and potentials and ensure proper integration.
  • Research, propose and design technical solutions for the addition or modifications of components in the Europeana architecture, and ensure that this can happen in a seamless way.
  • Maintain and update the overview of the Europeana architecture as appropriate, which opens the possibility to grow towards the position of System Architect.

Den Haag