Legal Manager - Logistics


We are looking for a talented and highly motivated professional to support our rapidly growing business. You should be comfortable working in a fast moving environment with broad, generalist responsibilities, but with specialist legal subject skills in commercial law and regulatory matters pertaining the logistics market.


Legal & Compliance advising
Advises, follows up and updates all internal clients about legal & compliance issues that occur within the company in line with applicable the rules and regulations in order to minimize the legal risk. Stimulates, monitors and controls compliance in line with the company rules and regulations to applicable laws, internal and external rules and regulations and the ethical standards which are relevant for maintaining the integrity. Develops and implements (including training) Compliance policies and procedures in line with the company rules. Builds Legal & Compliance awareness within the company.

Advises the business on contract issues and matters that affect the liability and the exposure of the company. Ensures proper and timely reviews of all material and/or sensitive commercial contracts and marketing campaigns regarding internal and external rules in order to minimize the legal & compliance risk. Develops and maintains the processes and procedures to ensure a correct and timely follow up of contractual obligations.

Creates and distributes reports (on daily/weekly/monthly basis) within the rules and regulations of the company in order to inform RHQ and HQ about court cases, legal issues and other relevant legal information.

Responsible for set-up, maintenance and legal validation of holding structure, mergers and or other corporate housekeeping issues according to the company rules and regulations. Advises on mergers and issues relating to the corporate structure. Advises and manages corporate issues, holdings, mergers and subsidiary companies.

Develops, rolls out and trains all internal clients on new policies, procedures and compliance topics within the rules and regulations of the company in order to insure conformity to all laws.


For this role we are looking for a candidate with a positive and enthusiastic mindset, He/she is a flexible problem-solver with a strong hands-on mentality.

We are looking for an employee with:

  • Master's degree in law
  • Experience with contract law (European jurisdictions);
    regulatory law including privacy, competition, licenses and software law (European jurisdictions);
  • Affinity with logistics related legislation (public/private law) + Insurance (logistics related, Cargo/Freight forwarder's liability insurance), Competition law.
  • At least 6 years of experience
  • Management experience
  • Advanced negotiation and presentation skills
  • Excellent problem solving, analytical and project management skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent command of English language in speaking and writing
  • Ability to work both independently and a part of a team
  • Open to other cultures.

Salary Benefits:

This role offers a challenging role in a growing global organisation, competitive compensation and outstanding secondary benefits

About the company:

Our client is one of the fastest growing logistics service providers in the world and specializes in innovative logistics services by developing and applying optimized solutions and providing SCM consultancy to customers based on their own platform. The company is active worldwide in 40 countries employing more than 4.500 logistics experts.