Plant Biology Intern



Pikaplant is looking for a phytopathology intern who will assist in the development of plant ecospheres. The individual we are looking for will be hands-on and precise in compiling and communicating the results of data. Our ideal candidate is creative, can come up with efficient solutions to problems, and analyses and interprets data to produce constructive outcomes. The candidate should be proficient in English.

Pikaplant Jars are plants that live in an airtight terrarium. The plants continuously recycle the water inside, so you never need to water them. A side-effect of a closed ecosystem is that microbes can rapidly thrive and become pathogenic to the plants. We research which pathogens are the most common for specific plant species, and we develop the starting ingredients for a balanced ecosystem to ensure the plants inside Jar live a long and healthy life. As a plant pathology intern you will monitor our prototypes, help identify potential pathogens, make Kaplan-Meier estimators, and analyse the data to improve Pikaplant Jar.


Performance profile

• Student or recent graduate in the discipline

• Process-oriented

• Able to follow procedures

• Can interpret empirical data in precise terms

• Systematic in analysis

• Observant

• Is able to succinctly convey complex data and concepts

• Microsoft Excel

Salary Benefits:


• Monitoring test prototypes

• Updating the lab book in detail

• Analysing the data

• Identifying potential pathogens

• Making Kaplan-Meier estimators

• Producing prototypes

• Supporting the wider RnD and production team

Work Hours:

36-40 hours per week

About the company:

Pikaplant is a young design label that makes plant-keeping so easy that anyone can do it. We are an international team, and the language of business is English. Our products are available in over 350 shops in 20 countries, and we are now scaling up the company on all fronts.