Head of Marketing

Marketing / PR


Deedmob is looking for a full-time experienced Head of Marketing with a growth hacker mind to join our team in Amsterdam. We're on a mission to engage and coordinate people to solve the most challenging problems of our time.


We are looking for an experienced Head of Marketing with strong analytical skills to bring our unique product to even more people who want to do good. Help us solve marketing challenges surrounding user acquisition, retention and engagement and work closely with the customer success team to deliver an engaging do-good experience to Deedmob’s Fortune 500 clients.

The ideal candidate would be able to devise and execute our digital marketing strategy. As an early-stage startup, the ability to prioritize effectively and be pragmatic about what is the most useful thing to work on is of critical importance.

We are a rapidly growing startup with an ambitious & strong team on a mission to make the world a better place. This is a role for a highly ambitious person who thrives in fast paced, self-motivated environments.






✅ Volunteer user acquisition, retention and engagement

✅ Charity user acquisition, retention and engagement

✅ Improve results on inbound marketing towards volunteers and charities (improved personalization, segmentation, A/B testing, content, copywriting, SEO etc.)

✅ Optimize employee engagement product for Deedmob clients (multiple Fortune 500 companies)

✅ Optimize lead capture of potential company clients

✅ Improve ongoing content marketing efforts with insights from data bout ideal content distribution channels, content topics

✅ Leverage learnings from experiments to improve messaging, branding, positioning, content, and product

✅ Customer segmentation - constantly improve customer personas and segmentation to deliver more relevant messaging to every prospect and improve inbound marketing campaign personalization


2+ years experience in

✅ B2C and B2B marketing, ideally establishing new brands and markets

✅ Creating and executing digital campaigns against specific goals and KPIs (message testing, segmentation, CRO, competitive positioning, etc.)

✅ Crafting SEO strategies (keyword research, keyword optimization, GoogleAdwords, GA)

✅ Social channels for customer acquisition, optimizing PPC

✅ Getting more insights from data tools such as Google Analytics, Hubspot, Hootsuite, Buffer, SEMRush, Looker, etc.

✅ Ability to balance brand building with CRO

✅ Growing marketplaces / market networks is a plus

✅ Ability to develop and implement front-end web code to launch tools benefiting marketing goals is a plus



✅ Strong mission fit

✅ Start-up mentality (experience in startups is a plus): Self-motivated, ruthless prioritizer, disciplined, drive to get things done quickly, outstanding attention to detail.

Salary Benefits:


Work Experience:

3-5 Years

Work Hours:

40 hours per week

About the company:

How can it be that you can spend a lifetime scrolling through social media, get delivered all the stuff you could possibly want in 24 hours, BUT it’s so hard to find an opportunity to do good?

Deedmob is on a mission to unlock the volunteering spirit of billions of people around the globe. We are a social enterprise start-up that offers the online volunteering platform with integrated tools to make doing good better, easier and more impactful.

We help individuals to find flexible opportunities to do good from the palm of their hand. We give non-profits free state-of-the-art technical tools to organize their existing volunteers. We sustain this free product by offering social impact and purpose marketing solutions to companies. We are currently the largest volunteering platform in the Netherlands, have over 500 charity users and clients such as Red Bull, Atlassian, H&M, and many more.