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Your new position: Senior Frontend Developer Amsterdam – AngularJS to React

  • Is it your wish to work on exciting technical challenges, but then in a free & social setting which feels like home?
  • Would you like to work in the most diverse Tech company of Amsterdam with 20 nationalities and over 30% women?
  • Do you want to work for a very successful scale-up, growing with 60% every year, for the last 5 years?
  • And what about building a tangible software product with a UI dealing with 300 million requests per day?

Sounds like the place for you? Read on and find out the rest of this story…


Your new employer: The most diverse Tech company in Amsterdam with impactful, tangible and very useful software used by millions on a daily basis.

Due to its success, your new employer has grown exponentially with over 60% in people and revenue every year! The success lies in two things: Culture and product. The culture here is one of openness, friendliness and collaboration. When you walk into this office you feel the freedom to maneuver and the passion for creating awesome products. And the product is one that helps millions of people around the world with a very tangible and useful service. The nice thing for software developers working here, is that the code they write has serious impact in people’s lives.

But that’s not all, due to the scale and the impact of the software, from a technical point of view there are some exciting challenges to overcome by the teams! The platform handles a stunning 300 million requests per day. Therefore, scalability and performance are key. But growth continues! The platform is in high demand and new famous B2C fortune 500 customers are lined up. It consists of an interesting challenge for the entire organization to keep up. From a technical point of view scalable architectures, agile principles, CI/CD and automated testing are standard here.

Also, they hired a new software development manager with senior level experience at some of well-known Silicon Valley tech companies. Besides a very strong technical background, this manager is most famous for his empowering approach, the use of the latest Google-principles and his drive to make people better and grow their career. It creates an awesome atmosphere and feels like home!


Your new job: Senior Frontend Developer Amsterdam – AngularJS to React

Although a lot of talent in house, the team needs additional (serious) coding skills and experience of a seasoned Senior Frontend Developer. That’s where you come in! As there are quite some mediors to help to the next level. By helping them you help the organization forward and boost your own career with it! The new Senior Frontend Developer Amsterdam will have a team of smart people around, but will also be leading in some of the impactful technical challenges.

The extensive roadmap consists of building new features, dynamic dashboards and ticket managers up to integrations with global SaaS providers. The architectural challenges involve building the frontend equivalent of microservices. And of course thoroughly tested and deployment fully automated.

Two of the main challenges of this moment are combining the ambitious roadmap for new features (impacting millions around the world) with 1) the refactoring of the frontend from AngularJS to React and 2) Integrating all the different products into one customizable product for clients. So on top of thinking creatively about new features and products, there are plenty of interesting challenges that make sure you will never get bored here!

Do you want to work in a very diverse environment with open communication, a lot of freedom in different ways, making serious impact on high numbers of consumer users globally, while having some of the most exciting frontend challenges in the market? Then this is it!


What do we need from you?

(As the new Senior Frontend Developer Amsterdam – AngularJS to React)

  • 3+ years of professional Frontend developer experience in a high-tech environment
  • Highly skilled with modern technologies like React, VueJS, Angular(JS) and/or NodeJS
  • Experience with setting up (complex) frontend architectures is a big plus
  • Experience with frontend development for high volumes of (frequent) users is a plus
  • Experience with Unit testing, Integrated testing, End2End testing are plusses
  • Experience with CI/CD is a plus
  • Experience with working agile (Scrum, Kanban) is a big plus
  • Experience with coaching junior and medior developers is a plus
  • Experience with code reviews is a plus
  • You are a collaborative person who is a proponent of open communication


What is offered?

  • Salary up to € 70.000,- annually
  • Free quality lunches prepared by inhouse chef!
  • Laptop of choice
  • Travel costs reimbursed
  • Big training budgets
  • Budgets to go on conferences together internationally
  • Google methodology to organizational-, career- & personal- growth paths
  • A vibrant office!


Do you want to lift this huge impactful platform to the next stage?


Please send your CV to Rik van Riessen via


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Work Hours:

32 hours (Parttime) hours per week